We are but a few days away from the release of Fire Emblem Warriors for the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS. And a special launch trailer for the game has been released. But it’s what’s at the end of the trailer that’ll get players attention.

For at the end of the trailer they detailed the three packs of DLC that’ll be coming to the game within the first five months of the game’s release. Each pack will be $8.99, or, you can get the Season Pass for just $19.99. If you do so you’ll get the Bride Lucina outfit.

As for what’s in the packs, each pack will have 3 new characters, 3 new History Mode scenarios, brand new weapons and outfits for characters, and new support conversations as well.

The first pack will be from Fire Emblem Fates and will come in December. The second will be from Shadow Dragon, and be in February, with the final pack being from Awakening, and coming in March.

Fire Emblem Warriors releases October 20th.

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