NBA 2K19 Gameplay Changes in the Works?

2K Sports showcased a build NBA 2K19 at its annual NBA 2K event for the media in Los Angeles on Friday - and one member of the NBA 2K19 YouTube creator community, ShakeDown2012, shared his thoughts on the changes present in this current build.
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Impressions

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle surprised a lot of people when it was announced, for it united four very different franchises under one fighting game banner. What's more, it's the first true video game that features...
The Pull List

The Pull List: Week of March 21, 2018

Welcome to The Pull List, a weekly listing of comic books hitting shelves of Local Comic Book Shops all around the world this week. The week of March 14, 2018 is seeing some interesting books come along. So her...