We all know that if you want to sell either a used video game or console, you’re limited to a few places. Amazon, Gamestop Best Buy, and eBay. Those are the major players, and while you can still sell stuff through other means, the ones mentioned are the most well-known places. 

Well, you can add another player – Swappa. Those who sell and buy mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets like already know their name. But now, they’ve announced that they’re extending into the gaming market.  Right now they’re letting users both and sell PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and 3DS titles and consoles. They’ve also announced that more platforms will be added at a later date. 

Swappa sells and buys games here.

Swappa Now Buys And Sells Video Games

I’ve looked into the service and so far, the prices are competitive when compared several other companies. Some titles are a bit higher as well. That said, I’ve already listed several of my titles on the service.

However, since they’re new to the game, they need our help. Head over to Swappa and start selling or buying your video game needs today. There’s no charge for anything being sold under $50. 

Spread the word, Swappa will buy and sell your unneeded gaming goods!


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