Twins Peaks Teaser Reveals Footage of Characters Old and New

I’m not one to decry the genius of David Lynch, but many fans have been frustrated that Showtime has been releasing lots of videos for the new Twin Peaks season, but they have mainly been compilations of footage from the first two seasons. Finally, however, we get a trailer of all new footage from the limited series to sate our need for information on the upcoming season.

The thing you’ll notice right away is that everyone looks a lot older, which reminds viewers who watched the show back when it premiered in 1990s of just how long it’s been. We also get a glance at some of the new characters, though we don’t know how big or small of a role they will play in the larger narrative.  The title of the video, “It Is Happening Again” is a throwback to the first season of the show, in which the Giant tells Agent Cooper something bad is about to happen. What this means for the new season is anyone’s guess, but the soundest theory is that there’s been another murder at the hands of BOB, potentially another teenager like Laura Palmer. There are some scenes of urgency, like a woman telling someone that she has to hang up because “he” is coming, or Miguel Ferrer and David Lynch getting up in a hurry to deal with an off-screen matter. Other scenes are quiet and contemplative, like Agent Cooper (who may or may not still be possessed) driving alone at night. Whatever it is, it’s likely going to be strange and wonderful.

Hopefully, a full trailer will be available soon so we can get a few more clues as to what the new and final chapter in the Twin Peaks story.

Twin Peaks Season 3 premieres on Showtime on May 21, 2017.