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IT (2017) Review

Once upon a time, horror writer Stephen King plopped out a massive monster of a book that inspired terror, drama, and one of the best mini-series of the 1990s, starring king-of-camp Tim Curry. Now, some 27 year... Click here to read..

Baby Driver Review

The film follows Baby, a driver for the mysterious and violent Doc, who organizes crooks of various skills in order to pull off various heists. Due to an accident as a child, Baby has a constant ringing in his ... Click here to read..

GLOW (Netflix) Review

When Netflix announced that GLOW would be getting an adaptation, I got really excited about seeing a modern take on an 80s women's wrestling classic. With the Women's Revolution going strong in promotions such ... Click here to read..

The Strange and Wonderful Recap Catch Up Thread

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the place of confusion and wonderment, The Black Lodge. Your hosts, Sara and Clinton, want to invite you all to this inner sanctum of consternation as they navigate the bizarre world of David Lynch's Twin Peaks!