Anime & Animation Reviews

First Impressions: Blend S

It seems like every year has to feature at least one anime series that revolves around a café and its employees. To be fair, the genre often proves to be rather popular, so it's not unreasonable for similar ser... Click here to read..

First Impressions: Two Car

In celebration of Silver Link's tenth anniversary, the anime production company has produced an original TV anime series that is currently broadcasting during this Fall 2017 season. The series, which is titled ... Click here to read..

Made In Abyss Review

When I first heard the premise for Made in Abyss, I didn’t really think I would be interested in this show and elected to pass on it. That all changed when the anime community and a couple of friends of mine st... Click here to read..

Gamers! Review

Don’t you just love it when an anime baits and switches on you? No? Well, there might be an exception to that and that exception is Gamers! The synopsis for the show leads you to believe that this would be a ro... Click here to read..

New Game!! Review

The second season to one of the most unrealistic looks into the video game industry is here! Of course, I’m talking about New Game!!.... with two exclamation points to let you know that this is, indeed, the sec... Click here to read..

Netsuzou TRap -NTR- Review

Going into Netsuzou TRap -NTR-, I knew that this was going to be filler. Not shying away from trying something out of the ordinary, I decided to see what a netorare yuri anime was all about. With the episodes o... Click here to read..

Food Wars Season 1 Anime Review

When you first look at Food Wars, you might think that it is just another cooking anime, maybe it's the Japanese version of My Kitchen Rules or Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Well technically you would be ... Click here to read..

Re:Creators Review

At first, I didn’t know what to expect out of Re:Creators. Reading the synopsis for the anime gave me mixed feelings, but somehow I felt compelled to watch. I went into this show not really expecting much, give... Click here to read..