Ethics Statement

Code of Ethics

We at the Outerhaven Productions consider ourselves journalists in the field of gaming, anime, and technology. Although journalism has an unwritten code of ethics, the writers of this site will strive to hold ourselves to a standard befitting you, our audience.

While conduct interviews, review games, technology and anime, gather news, and communicate with our readers. We do not, under any circumstances, hold personal relationships, friendships, or otherwise with developers, public relations staff, or publishers. We strive to conduct ourselves with professionalism that befits what we strive to be, as do they.

As we said previously, we DO NOT get paid to write for The Outerhaven. Nor do we receive or take any sort of kickbacks or donations in order to pitch or advertise ANYTHING! We are still journalists in the purest definition of the word and will hold ourselves to a journalistic ethos because we are lovers of the world of gaming, technology, comics/mangas, and anime.

Reporting factual Content

  • Any and all information provided by the Outerhaven is sourced and validated to the best of our ability. In regards to rumors, we will do our best to verify this information and will update if it turns out to be either incorrect, partially correct or other.
  • All of our content will be free of any bias while allowing us to provide our own opinions while staying neutral to the best of our abilities

Review and Preview Ethics

  • The Outerhaven will always make it clear when we review an item that was provided to us in order for a review. All scores are provided by our writers and are not influenced by any contact with either the publisher, developer or PR firm.
  • In regards to items that we have helped fund, such as on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other crowdfunding platform, we will disclose our involvement during the review/preview.
  • The Outerhaven will receive promotional materials from various publishers, PR firms, vendors and other, regarding the content we cover. Any physical items will remain the property of The Outerhaven and will be used for review and preview purposes. Unless otherwise instructed to return, destroy or to allow said items to be used in a giveaway.
  • We do not accept gifts that would not otherwise be used for review and preview purposes.

Sponsored Content

  • We will occasionally publish sponsored content in writing or video content. This will always be explicitly clear on the content itself, as depicted as what sort of sponsored content it is.

Affiliate Links

  • The Outerhaven will occasionally provide links to stores or product pages that include affiliate links that directly contribute to our organization monetarily. We will always clearly disclose when, if ever, these affiliate links are included in articles or in social media posts.