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Ready Player One

Ready Player One Movie Review

Ready Player One is one of those movies where you're not quite sure how to place it. A lot of your enjoyment will come from your love of video games and pop culture, and your disappointment will come from havin... Click here to read..
Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider 2018 Movie Review

Tomb Raider, the movie version of the 2012 reboot of the video game of the same name, has hit theaters worldwide by this time. Clocking in at almost 2 hours in length and giving a lot of women yet another Wonde... Click here to read..
Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul (Movie) Review

It is no secret that Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul manga has exploded into mainstream popularity. With three anime seasons and a handful of OVAs, it was only natural that a movie was in order. However, we were not t... Click here to read..
Your Lie in April

Your Lie In April (Movie) Review

When the world becomes dark like the bottom of an endless sea; one young man must find a way to save himself from drowning in the music world and find the light that exists in his heart. That is the premise for... Click here to read..