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Gunfire Games Asks Players What They Want Next in Remnant 2

Gunfire Games’ Remnant 2 has been kicking ass since the game was released for consoles and PC. It’s sold over 1 million copies in under a week, and the developer has been pumping out updates and fixes to make the experience better for everyone. The game is enjoyable, and I’ve been playing this pretty much non-stop, perhaps more than I should be.

But now, Gunfire Games wants to know what players want to see in the game next. Recently, the Principal Designer of Remnant 2, Ben Cureton, who has been very public about the game, posted a poll on Twitter / X, giving players several options on what should be added to the game next. Those being Loadouts, Paragon / Badass Points, a New Gameplay Mode, or Quality of Life +.

If you’re a fan of Remnant 2 but want more from the game, I’d made sure you vote in this poll. As for the options, we already know what the team is working on Loadouts, which the game needs. Players can create many builds in the game, and having to move stuff around while remembering what was, is a pain. As you can imagine, I already voted for Loadouts, and at the time of this article, that option is winning. But I wouldn’t mind seeing a new game mode, such as Survival Mode, which was eventually added in Remnant from the Ashes with the Swamps of Corsus DLC.

I want everything to be added, and I’m sure Gunfire Games will be adding more to the game. We already know three DLCs are coming to the game, but I’m sure, given the success of Remnant 2, there’s likely more content coming.

Remnant 2 is available on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. If you haven’t read our review or watched it, why not? In my eyes, it’s a fantastic game and Game of the Year material.

Speaking of which, we have plenty of Remnant 2 guides if you need a hand or two.