Swamps of Corsus Remnant from the Ashes DLC header

Swamps of Corsus is brand new DLC coming to Remnant From The Ashes

Fans of Gunfire Games Remnant from the Ashes have been quite frustrated as of the last few months as there has been no talk about the status of the game. But thankfully, the embargo is over and I can talk about what’s coming for the game in the form of a new DLC called Swamps of Corsus. The release date is set for April 28th, 2020 for the PC, with the PS4 and Xbox One versions set to be released at a later date. Yes, I’m not pulling your leg, there is new content coming and hopefully, this will keep you playing the game for weeks or months to come. I’m also glad I could finally talk about this, as I had my fill of talking to fans of the series who are frustrated with the status of the game. And not being able to tell them that something was on the way was painful. Now, that’s all over.

Swamp of Corsus includes four new side dungeons, new story elements (quests and events), 50 armor skins, new weapons and mods, new bosses and a brand new survival roguelike mode. A new trailer is being released today that will show off some of the new content, and I’ve included a video that shows off the survival mode. Outside of that, Gunfire Games isn’t quite ready to show us their entire hand, and I haven’t had a chance to see anything else. 

I had some time during PAX East 2020 to get some hands-on with the Survival Mode and while some have been asking for a boss rush mode, this new mode ain’t bad. As the name suggests, you’re basically on a quest to survive and once the mode starts up you’re given nothing but a pistol and some healing items. From there you’ll have to take down enemies, who’ll drop gear from a loot table that includes all of the existing weapons. During my time with the survival mode, I ended up getting the Ruin weapon after a few drops, which helped me progress quite far.  In addition to gear, traits (attributes) will also drop and will automatically be assigned to your character. Meaning there’s no pause in the action for you to decide how you want to allocate those traits. However, you aren’t merely walking around looking for enemies to kill, as you’re also racing against the clock.

When I played I had a two-minute countdown and once that ran out, the clock reset but the enemies got harder. While you start out fighting lowly enemies, as the clock recycles, you’ll start seeing enemies that appear later during the campaign mode. Bosses will also make an appearance as well, hoping to put you on your ass. Lastly, as this is a roguelike mode, permadeath is in. Yep, die once and your run is over and you’ll need to start again…. unless you happen to find the Ruin weapon which can revive you.

After my time was over, I was satisfied with what I played and I was adamant that fans of the game will likely feel the same. We’ll find out in another two weeks, or at least for the PC. Earlier I alluded to the fact that Swamps of Corsus releases on April 28th, 2020, for the PC, while the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be released later. I don’t know when that will be and when I asked about a date, I was only told “a later date”.  The DLC will be available in both a single download, priced at $9.99, or a new bundle that includes the base game and DLC for $45.99. 

I’m really happy to finally talk about this upcoming DLC, and that it injects some life into the game. Sure, I continue to play the game and I jump into other gamer’s sessions to help them out, but that does get boring. Now I’ll be able to see how far I can progress through the survival mode while finding out more lore in the world thanks to the new story elements. Hopefully, the release date for the console versions isn’t too far off.

By the time this story is live, the official trailer for the announcement will be live and you can see this below.