Remnant 2 - Red Doe Sigil

How to Find the Red Doe Sigil in Remnant 2

Have you been looking for the Red Doe Sigil in Remnant 2, but haven’t had any luck? Well, we got the steps on how to get your hands on this useful item, so you won’t have to go searching all throughout the game for it.

That said, this is one of two outcomes when looking for the Ornate Key and Ornate Lockbox, which we go into detail here. However, if you choose not to look into the lockbox, you can continue on with this path and get the Red Doe Sigil as your reward.

How do I find the Red Doe Sigil?

Head to Widow’s Count Yaesha and go to the spot where you found the deceased fellow on the ground. He removes around a lot for a dead person, so you’ll have to search for him. Sometimes he’s in the middle of the courtyard. Other times, he’s to the left of the waterfall, or he’s in the buildings to the right of the waterfall.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-00

Here’s what the note in his cold, dead hands, says.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-01

Now, you see that hole in the ground just north of him? Jump down it, but be careful. It’s both deep, and there are a few enemies in there. This is also where you find the Tarnished Key, so grab it if you haven’t.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-02

Now, head down that tunnel that is either in front or behind you. Follow it, and keep left.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-03

Eventually, you’ll see a chest at the end of the tunnel. Grab the goodies if you haven’t.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-04

Directly to the left of the chest is a fake wall. Walk through it.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-05

There will be an elevator on the right side. Ride it to the top.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-06

After getting off the elevator will be the Ornate Lockbox right in front of you.

Remnant II - Ornate Lockbox-07

Now, unlike in our other guide, where we opened the lockbox and kept the Thaen Seed, we’re not going to do that. DO NOT OPEN THE BOX. Simply collect the lockbox and nothing more.

Head back to the Red Throne and speak with the Empress and select “You have some questions.”  You’ll then have the option “I think this may belong to you,” and you’ll give up the lockbox.

Remnant 2 - Get Red Doe Sigil step-01

When asked where you found it, it doesn’t matter which reply you select.

Remnant 2 - Get Red Doe Sigil step-02

Then when asked if you opened it, reply, “Didn’t seem like my business.”


Remnant 2 - Get Red Doe Sigil step-03

After doing so, the Empress will reward you with the Red Doe Sigil.

Remnant 2 - Red Doe Sigil

Now, you have the Red Doe Sigil, which can be used to get Ford’s Scattergun which we outlined the steps in this guide. But you can also use the Red Doe Sigil for another quest that we’ll have written up soon.