Fastest Way to Earn Scrap in Remnant 2

When buying stuff, creating weapons, and upgrading stuff, you will need Scrap in Remnant 2. Lots and lots of scrap. Except, this game is very stingy regarding its in-game currency, so you’re going to ask yourself, “How the heck am I supposed to get all the stuff I want?” The good news is that you can still get around the game’s stinginess.

Earn Scrap in Remnant 2, Fast!

The good news is that once you start playing Remnant 2, you’ll start to acquire the crafting material, Lumemite Crystals. Yes, you’ll need them to craft stuff, but you’ll find an abundance of the stuff after defeating enemies, and beating down bosses and elite mobs, that you’ll have more than your fair share.

This is great because you can turn around and sell them for profit. Lumenite Crystals sell for 150 scrap, per, and you’ll have tons of scrap that you’ll be hauling around. Sell the crystals for scrap, and then get back to buying and crafting stuff. Don’t feel bad about selling it. You’ll end up with way more than you need during your adventure in Remnant 2.

The Outerhaven’s Remnant 2 Review

At one point, I had more than I needed sitting in my inventory, so I turned around and sold 200 of them and scored 30,000 scrap. Which I promptly used up. Again, you’ll find more than enough out in the world.

Remnant 2 - Fastest Way to Earn Scraps

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