How to survive Swamps of Corsus Survival Mode

Brand new to Remnant from the Ashes is a new DLC, Swamps of Corsus, that adds a new gameplay mode, Survival. As the name suggests, all you have to do is survive, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Thankfully for you, we’ve played it and we’re spilling the beans on what you need to do to survive.

Take it slow

Regardless if you’re new to the game or a veteran, I recommend you starting in the standard mode, just to get a feel of things. It’s also a good way to farm glowing fragments and the account-wide bonuses.

Choose wisely

When you first start in survival mode, you’re given a limited amount of scrap and are tasked with purchasing gear before you set out. Now, what you have isn’t a lot so you need to prioritize your survival odds. First make sure you have a decent backup weapon, as the starting pistol will only get you so far. Then get some armor, and spend the rest on everything else. I wouldn’t bother with healing items as you’ll collect bunches of them in the level. Same with the melee weapon, not to mention your fists are decent when just starting.

Kill everything in sight

You’ll level up during the survival mode, but to do that you need experience points and there’s where killing the enemies come in. Thoughout the level will be basic enemies and elites, all of which provide experience points that you need to level up. So be sure to kill everyone that you see, don’t run from them. If you don’t, it will make progressing through the mode harder than it already is.

Collect all the scrap you see

Assuming you make it out alive of the level, you’ll be sent back to the starting point to do it all over again. Meaning you’ll be able to purchase items and gear with what scrap you’re awarded, and that you’ve collected throughout the levels. So be sure to collect it all, you’re life depends on it.

Save those healing items

You’ll start with three dragon hearts, and potions. While you’ll be tempted to use them frequently, you need to save them until you need them. Pay attention to both your health and the experience meter, as they’re equally important. Elites also drop dragon hearts, so if you face once and can hold out to see if they drop one, do so. Or grind out experience and progress to the next level, as leveling up completely heals you.

Study the bosses

While the weaker enemies and elites aren’t much of a problem, if you’ve had an issue fight a specific boss it could come back to haunt you. Every world boss that’s available to fight in Remnant from the Ashes will also make an appearance in the survival mode. So take some time and study the bosses in the campaign mode, or look up a strategy guide. Otherwise, your time in survival mode will be short. Remember, you only get one life here.


Take a look at a run-through of Remnant from the Ashes – Swamps of Corsus Survival Mode, with a look at new boss, Barbed Terror.

Remnant from the Ashes – Swamps of Corsus DLC releases on April 28th, 2020, for the PC (Steam) and will release at a later date for the PS4 and Xbox One.