Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s next DLC fighter, the Hero from Dragon Quest, will be available later today.

The release date of the fighter came from director Masahiro Sakurai’s special presentation of the Hero this morning, during which he showcased the new character’s moves and mechanics. A brand-new stage representing the Dragon Quest franchise, Yggdrasil’s Altar, will be added as well, alongside a handful of iconic Dragon Quest music tracks. You can check out the full presentation below.


The Hero isn’t the only thing Smash fans have to look forward to, because the character is launching alongside the game’s 4.0 update, which brings some exciting new additions into the fray. World of Light, the game’s single-player campaign, will be getting a very easy difficulty, and spectators of online battles can now place bets on who they think will win. Final Smash Meter now has a timer, so you can’t hold onto your Final Smash indefinitely if you play with the meter on. Finally, online tournaments will be added with update 4.0, and Nintendo will host special event tournaments every now and then.

Hero and update 4.0 will be available later today, presumably right after the planned maintenance for Ultimate, which is scheduled from 5:10-6:10 PM PST. The third DLC fighter, Banjo-Kazooie, is still slated to launch sometime this fall.

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