Super Smash Bros Ultimate is still tearing it up on the charts thanks to its massive roster, epic gameplay, and more. But for those who already have the game, the next thrill is the DLC characters coming out. We already got the first one via Joker from Persona 5. And the next one up is The Hero from Dragon Quest.

The character is going to play a little differently than previous characters. So Nintendo is actually going to have a special gameplay demo of him coming this Tuesday.


If you’re curious why Sakurai is doing this for The Hero and not for Joker. That would likely be because Sakurai is a major Dragon Quest fan, and it was a joy for him to bring the character (and its various versions) into the game. Plus, while Joker did play slightly differently because of his Persona, The Hero has an entirely new system via the MP system. Not to mention, there are several version of the character which seems to have different abilities.

There’s also the question of the release date. They’re teasing it in the presentation, and in the reveal trailer, it said he would arrive this “Summer”. The Summer is almost over, so many are thinking it could be released this week, or maybe even the day of the presentation.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you can watch it below:


Super Smash Bros Ultimate is currently available for the Nintendo Switch. You can read our review of the game, here.

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