At E3 2019, fans were expecting a lot from Nintendo in regards to what was coming to the Nintendo Switch this year. But, they were also hoping for more information in regards to what DLC would be coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And as correctly predicted by our Tyler on the last Nintendo Entertainment Podcast, we got not one, but TWO trailers for Smash Bros character DLC.

The first one kicked off the show, and revealed that not only was there going to be a Dragon Quest Hero in the game, they’re bringing in basically ALL the Dragon Quest main heroes. You’ll see The Hero from DQ III, VII, the upcoming XI, and more! All of which apparently have their own special abilities that are tailored to their characters.

Then, in arguably the most epic trailer ever for Smash Bros, Banjo-Kazooie was confirmed to FINALLY be coming to Smash Bros. I think I’ll let the trailer speak for itself.

These additions are going to make Super Smash Bros fans very happy. As well as fuel speculation as to who the final two additions to the roster will be!

Stay tuned as we continue to file out all the Nintendo news from the conference!

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