Last time we left the teens in Marvel’s Runaways, they were…well they were running away. Having discovered that their parents are part of a sinister plot led by a super-powerful alien, they escape to fight back. But their fates were a mystery…until now.

This new teaser trailer gives us a look at just what we’ll be dealing with next season. The crew finds a new hideout in Hollywood, a mansion underground with the words “You are not the light of the world, but you shine on me” ominously highlighted. We see training montages of the group getting ready for battle, Nico and Karolina kissing as the new couple, and some early hints at bigger action to come from the kids

It’s interesting to see that the mystery of what Karolina really is, as we see her talking to her father/villain Jonah, who has dark plans for the world and wants his daughter by his side. We don’t see much of the Gert/Chase romance which was set up last season. We also have yet to see how the parents react to being separated from their children and questioning their positions in Pride. 

The tag line for the season is “We can fix the world they broke. Together” which puts even more distance between the kids and their parents. How closely this new season will follow the comics has yet to be seen, but either way, nothing goes better with some teen angst than a heaping helping of super powers.

Marvel’s Runaways Season 2 premieres on Hulu on December 12, 2018.

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