It’s always great to see a developer or publisher live up to their promise. A little while back, Level-5 promised that all future “main” titles in their franchises would be coming to the Nintendo Switch. This left a lot of people wondering what would be the first title to make the transition. Well, today, we now know it’s going to be Yo-Kai Watch 4.

The game will arrive in Japan later this year on the console according to Gematsu. This is interesting as Yo-Kai Watch 3 hasn’t yet come over to the West yet, so you have to wonder if we’ll get it at all, or will Nintendo skip to Yo-Kai Watch 4. There is precedent for this, so either option is viable.

As for what the game itself will feature, CEO Akihiro Hino noted in a statement that, “the game content will be super extremely enhanced” and there will be “mechanics that surprise everyone.”

So yeah, Level-5 is living up to their word, and hopefully they’ll be making more announcements about their games on the Nintendo Switch soon.

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