Free Comic Book Day adds Pokemon Manga and more to 2018 line up

Free Comic Book Day (Saturday May 5, 2018), a day where Comic Book fans both old and new gather to stand in line to wait for hours on end for a bunch of free sample comics from all the major and not to major publishers. While some publishers use this as a launching point for their big upcoming event series or even reprinting some of their previous best selling titles, others will actually go to the trouble of making whole new stories just for the day. Either way, it gives something for all people who wants to get into collecting or just add to their collection.

This year for Free Comic Book Day we will see the return of flip manga comics from Viz Media, leading the way with a story around Pokemon Sun & Moon as well as publishing stories for My Hero Academia & RWBY. Also in manga, Tokyopop is offering “Chapter 0” of its The Nightmare Before Christmas comic, while Yen Press is offering Crush, and Action Lab Entertainment is offering Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir.

IDW Publishing will is offering issue #0 of Transformers: Unicron: The Darkest Hour. The issue will serve as a lead in to what is being billed as the “biggest story in the history of Transformers.”

For Power Rangers fans, Boom! Studios is offering a The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Special, a new story put together by Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrot, Diego Calindo, and Jamal Campbell exclusively for Free Comic Book Day with tie-ins to the ongoing Power Rangers: Shattered Grid storyline.

Dark Horse Comics will offer readers the comic tie-in to the Nintendo Switch’s ARMS video game as well as a new story from The Legend of Korra.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Street Fighter video game, Udon Entertainment is offering Ultra Street Fighter issue #1. Udon Entertainment is also re-issuing its very first comic story in a six-issue mini-series as part of the anniversary celebration.

Fans of Ghost in the Shell will be able to get a preview of the anticipated comic anthology, Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network. The preview from Kodansha Comics will include a story placing Major Kusanagi in Shanghai after the kidnapping of Aramaki where she will encounter an old friend — and a wartime enemy.

From the big boys of comics, we are given a bunch of “mystery” books involving their biggest franchises in yet to be known storylines. Marvel is putting out an Avengers/Captain America book that has no story announced at this time, Marvel also has The Amazing Spider-Man (now relegated to Silver status) in a yet to be announced part of the “Infinity Watch” story; and finally DC Comics has got a book so secret that they are not even giving a single hint to whats going on. So we’ll have to wait and see from the big two.

To check out all the offerings from all the publishers involved in Free Comic Book Day 2018; you can click here for the entire catalog. May might seem like a long way off, but it’ll be here before you know it.

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