JBL Quantum 600 Headset Review

The JBL Quantum 600 wireless headset is exceptional for an entry-level high-end headset. Perfect loud audio, even at a distance, combined with a good mic.

My Journey for the next generation

Karl recaps his personal journey in the whole process of obtaining the new generation consoles from preordering online through to the final pick up.

MK11 unleashes Rambo in new trailer

The latest in an ever-growing line of guest fighters to enter the realm of Mortal Kombat gets longer with the addition of Rambo coming in Kombat Pack 2

NBA 2K adds unskippable commercials

Fans are upset about the addition of unskippable commercials being added to the loading screens of NBA 2K21, a $60 game now filled with microtransactions.

A look at the PS5 UI & User Experience

Sony released a recent video detailing the User Experience for their upcoming Playstation 5 console, this includes out first look at the UI for the console.