Famitsu confirms that Nine is playable in BlazBlue CentralFiction

When Arc System Works announced the next chapter of the BlazBlue, BlazBlue: CentralFiction, they also announced several new characters. However there seemed to be conflicts regarding the last character, Nine, if she would be available in the game as a playable character. However, Famitsu has confirmed that Nine is indeed playable after all.

Those familiar with the BlazBlue story line will also know her as Konoe A. Mercury, sister of Celica A. Mercury and also Phantom, who was also rumored to be playable in BlazBlue: CentralFiction, how that was in part to some confusion on Nine being playable or not.

Sadly all that was provided was this small screenshot of Nine in action, so small that you really can’t make much out about her.


Despite the bad Google translation, it does confirm the existence of Nine being a playable character after all.

“In the Weekly Famitsu released November 19, 2015, ” Blaz Blue Central Fiction to deliver in all six pages operation commemoration featured “. In addition to the recap of the new system and new characters, posted a playable of information of six hero of One “Nine”. In addition, since there is also present plan of special tapestry featuring the key visual of this work, do not miss!”

Hopefully we’ll get a new trailer for the confirmation as well.


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