We’re looking for writers to bolster our ranks! Are you that person?

If you enjoy writing and sharing your thoughts and opinions with the world, then we may have a job for you!

Who Are We?

The Outerhaven was originally launched back in 2011 by a bunch of friends who just wanted to record podcasts and talk about the video games scene. Since then, we have grown into the organization that we are today. We pride ourselves with podcasts entertaining podcasts, interesting features like The Anime Pulse column and in bringing our readers the latest video game related content to the web. We typically average anywhere between 40,000 – 60,000 unique visitors / 90,000 – 150,000 page views per month.  However we know we can do better and we’re hoping with your help that we’ll surpass our previous stats.

Why are we looking for help?

Honestly? We love what we do but we’re finding out that our rag tag team of commando’s needs some backup from time to time. This is where you come in! You would be jumping onto a fire-team with plenty of experience, a huge passion for what we do and more importantly would love to do more than what we’re doing now. So what do you say? Want to join a successful, built from the ground up community and kick some butt?

What’s in it for you?

  • A portfolio of your work that you can use and share on any website you like. It’s your work and we want to help you shine!
  • Your very own personalized email address (@theouterhaven.net). How cool is that?
  • Access to your very own private / public online storage.
  • Access to events such as New York Comic Con, IndieCade, PAX East, New Jersey Collectors Con and much more, but you have to put in the work for these events!
  • Access to review samples as we acquire them.
  • The chance to work with like minded individuals, to form new bonds with people who enjoy writing about and discussing all things related to geek culture, such as video games, comics, anime, toys and movies.

What are we looking for?

*All applicants must be 18 or older to apply. Please note that all positions are volunteer-only, though there may be the opportunity for perks or bonuses later down the road.*

Gaming News Reporter: Ah, the lifeblood of The Outerhaven. We’re all passionate gamers here, regardless of platform. But we don’t always have time to report on everything that goes on in the gaming world. This is where you come in. You’d be responsible for posting 1-2 posts a day or up to 6 or more a week about anything in the gaming world. But it has to be on point and it has to be respectful.

Comicbook News Reporter: Do you like comics? Do you dream about them constantly, or make fan-fictions on your spare time? Well, how’s about getting some limelight, get a chance to have those talents show? Here you’d be responsible for creating articles regarding new and upcoming books as well as having your own soapbox where you rant and rave about what you like and no like in the comic book industry. Sound like a plan?

Tech News Reporter: You would be responsible for following the technology scene and reporting on any updates/developments on upcoming and technology. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and beyond. That’s the focus, folks!

E-Sports Reporter: Do you love eSports? Does the very mention of Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, Killer InstinctCounterstrike, League of Legends or Dota 2 make your eyes widen and cause your heart to beat heavily? Would you love to write about that eSports community? Well, we’d love to have you!

Video Producer: You’ll be tasked with creating at least two videos per month for our YouTube channel. The video can be a gameplay video, guide, etc for any game of your choosing, but the newer it is the better. Must be at least around 15 minutes and have commentary.

Twitch / Youtube Streamers: We’re looking for someone who could stream to our Twitch channel one day per week , Monday through Friday (you pick the day) at between 5-8PM EST. Must be able to stream for at least 30 min, preferably 60 min. This would be the same time you would stream for us every week.

Goals include:

  • 5-6 or more posts a week, which can be news, opinion pieces or reviews, for video producers you will be required to supply at least 2 videos a month.
  • Expanding coverage on current and upcoming video games (all platforms), anime news and reviews, gaming and tech hardware, toy news and reviews (Figmas, figuarts, busts, etc.)

Candidates should have:

  • Excellent communication skills, including writing, editing, excellent interpersonal skills with high level of professionalism. Communication is key and you must be willing to stay in contact with your team.
  • Experience with WordPress, but not required. We’ll train you!
  • You must love what you do. This is important. If you’re not passionate about doing this type of work or hobby, it will show in your work.

All candidates would report to the senior management team!

If you’re interested, please submit two samples of your previous work (articles or videos)  and a short summary on why you’d like to join up with us!

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