Steam Summer 2017 Sale Hidden Gems

Must buy games for gamers! Unless you've been living under a rock these few past days, you'd know that Valve is hosting their Steam Summer 2017 sale. Hundreds, if not thousands of games are on sale, ripe for t... Read More Here...

The Strange and Wonderful Recap Catch Up Thread

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the place of confusion and wonderment, The Black Lodge. Your hosts, Sara and Clinton, want to invite you all to this inner sanctum of consternation as they navigate the bizarre world of David Lynch's Twin Peaks!

Goodnight Punpun Vol. 6 Review

Title: Goodnight Punpun Vol. 6 Author: Inio Asano Publisher: Viz Media Language: English Format: Paperback Pages: 456 Genre: Slice of Life, Drama Publication Date: June 20, 2017 The Story Volume... Read More Here...