Want some nerdy adult drinks? Try Geektails!

We’ve all done it. Some night you’ll be sitting at home and you’d crave a drink. But all that usual drink names are BORING! Sometimes you just want to geek things up, make things nerdy and colourful. Well, a couple of cosplayers/drinking enthusiests from Melbourne, Australia have gotten together and started making their own geeky cocktails based around Pokemon and are wanting to share their creations with you in something they call “Geektails“.

Melbourne cosplayers Neko and Silhouette recently began Geektails, a Youtube channel where they somewhat “professionally” (aka, they goof up a lot but it’s highly amusing) create a bunch of cocktails based around the evolution of a Pokemon named Eevee. If you want to take a look at their first three creations (Called Espeon, Umbreon & Vaporeon respectively) click the video playlist below. Keep in mind that you might not have some of the things needed to make these Geektails in your home country, but you can probably find something similar.

The girls might act a little silly and slip up on pouring the drinks into the glasses, but their hearts are in the right place. At the moment in Melbourne there is a huge boom in Geek themed bars and clubs with locations like Bartronica, The Beta Bar (Which features Silhouette as one of their feature DJ’s), and a bar somewhere that hides it’s pinball room behind a bookshelf like from the movies! Geektails is just another way that adult geeks can enjoy their love of all things geeky while pretending to adult well. I personally hope to see more Eevlutions from the girls and can’t wait to see where in geekdom they’ll goto next for their next set of Geektails.

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You can visit/subscribe to the Geektail Youtube channel by clicking here.


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