Book Walker Adds Two Exclusive Titles from KADOKAWA to Their Manga Platform

BOOK WALKER Global is pleased to announce that it is collaborating with KADOKAWA CORPORATION to exclusively release two new dark fantasy manga series on their platform: “Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World?”, and “Sentenced to Be a Hero: The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004”.

Both titles are popular serialized manga in Japan and have anime adaptations announced for 2024 and 2025, respectively. BOOK WALKER Global will release both series digitally in English with a 3-month exclusivity period.

To celebrate this release, BOOK WALKER Global is also holding the “KADOKAWA Fantasy Chapter Fair” promotion, in which initial chapters of select fantasy manga series (including vertical scroll TATESC titles) are offered for free, with sequels also available at a 50% OFF discount. The first chapters of “Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World?”, and “Sentenced to Be a Hero: The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004” are also part of the promotion.

Check the complete KADOKAWA Fantasy Chapter Fair title list here:

Why Does Nobody Remember Me in This World?

“Why am I forgotten from the whole world?” Manga version of the fantasy blockbuster you can’t stop reading! Coming out in Anime in 2024. 10 volumes released so far in Japan.
War between the five races on earth – the humans, the “Demonic Race”, the “Wild God Race”, the “Spirit Race” and the “Phantom Beast Race”- has ended in the victory of humans.

It is said that “Prophet Sid” had sealed the other four races in the black pyramid now called “Crypts”. Kai’s job is to watch the crypts and make sure that there is no change. He is also training to save humans when the other races break the seal and come back to this world. The crypts looked quiet today…but after Kai felt the world bending in front of his eye…everything changed.

“World Rebirth” was activated…!!  Now Kai is in a totally different world where no one knows him. But he remembers everyone!

Sentenced to Be a Hero: The Prison Records of Penal Hero Unit 9004

Book Walker

Sinned heroes will save this world… 1 volume released so far in Japan. Being sentenced to Heroship was the most severe punishment one could be given. Heroes would be sent to the frontline of a never-ending battle against the demon lords. Not even death could relieve them on their duty. There was no end to prison sentence. Even if they fought for a hundred years, they would still not be released. Only by killing every last demon lord would they be pardoned for their crimes.

And…that was no more than a pipe dream. However, things might be different for XYRO, Penal Hero Unit 9004.   He accidentally meets a goddess…and she asks him to be her knight!

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