Author: Clinton Bowman-Christie

Teacher's Assistant by day, passionate gamer and wrestling fan by night. This describes Clinton to a T. A Brooklyn, New York resident for all of his life, gaming, Power Rangers, football, basketball and wrestling pretty much comprise a lot of his free time.

Sega Sammy Releases Integrated Report for 2018: Sonic Leads Pack, Yakuza; Persona Do Well in West

Sega Sammy has released their 2018 integrated report on Tuesday, including a list of lifetime sales figures for the entire… Read More

2 days ago

The Xbox One Can Now Run Crysis

The meme that has lasted through PC gaming circles - "But Can it Run Crysis?" - is now a reality… Read More

2 days ago

SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics Making its Way to Nintendo Switch

Remember the Sega NOMAD, that portable Sega Genesis that you could take with you anywhere? SEGA is primed to let… Read More

4 days ago

Forza Horizon 4 Sees Two Million Players Hit the Streets of Britain During its First Week

Issa hit, y'all! Forza Horizon 4 is holding it down for Microsoft and Playground Games, seeing an incredible two million… Read More

1 week ago

Review: WWE 2K19 (PC)

WWE 2K19 appears to be the culmination of four years of hard work from Visual Concepts and 2K Sports. With… Read More

1 week ago

Kingdom Hearts -The Story So Far- Inexplicably Remains on PlayStation

SQUARE ENIX® and Disney announced KINGDOM HEARTS –The Story So Far–, a brand-new collection that takes players through nine chapters… Read More

2 weeks ago

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