Astragon Studios Shows off Bus Models for Bus Simulator 18

June 13th is fast approaching as Bus Simulator 18, and Astragon Studios has revealed the models for the buses that players will be able to drive in the latest iteration of the “better than life” bus simulation from the German game studio.

Returning to Bus Simulator 18 from the 2016 edition are Mercedes-Benz and MAN, two of the top bus manufacturers in Europe. Players will begin their journey by driving the Mercedes-Benz Citaro K, a two door model. Drivers will then be able to expand their fleet with buses such as the two-door Setra S 416 LE business, the three-door MAN Lion‘s City bus, a three-door, twelve meter long IVECO BUS Urbanway with natural gas drive as well as a three-door, 18.1 meter long Mercedes-Benz Citaro G articulated bus.

Other buses that players will be able to get their hands on include the three-door Setra S 418 LE business, a three-door 18 meter long IVECO BUS Urbanway CNG articulated bus and finally the 5-door, 18.7 meter long MAN Lion´s City CNG articulated bus, which also comes with a natural gas drive.

No matter if you’re driving through the narrow streets of Old Town, the bustling city streets or the quiet rural area of Seaside Valley, players will always have the right bus selection to service the people of the region. All of this powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.

Bus Simulator 18 releases on June 13, 2018 for Steam PC.

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