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Starfield Crew and Companions Guide With Complete List

Crews and Companions are pivotal in making Starfield enjoyable with their funny dialogues and utility. They help us to drive away the loneliness in the vast open world of Starfield. Even if you are a lone wolf who likes to play solo, you’ll still need a companion to help you on your quests.

Right now, there are a total of 21 companions and crew members available in Starfield, and in this article, we’ll go through all of them in brief.

Complete list of Starfield Crew and Companions with all details

NameAssociated withLocationSkillsRomanceable
Sarah MorganConstellationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)Astrodynamics (4-star), Lasers (3-star), Leadership (2-star), Botany (1-star)Yes
Sam CoeConstellationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)Piloting (4-star), Rifle Certification (3-star), Payloads (2-star), Geology (1-star)Yes
BarrettConstellationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)Starship Engineering (4-star), Particle Beam Weapon Systems (3-star), Robotics (2-star), Gastronomy (1-star)Yes
AndrejaConstellationAnywhereStealth (4-star), Particle Beams (3-star), Energy Weapons Systems (2-star), Theft (1-star)Yes
VascoConstellationNew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)Aneutronic Fusion (1-star), Shield Systems (2-star), EM Weapon Systems (1-star)No
Adoring Fan NANew Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)Scavenging (1-star), Concealment (1-star), Weight Lifting (2-star)No
Marika BorosNAThe Viewport, New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System)Shotgun Certification (1-star), Ballistics (2-star), Particle Beam Weapon Systems (1-star)No
HellerConstellationShipwrecked in PodiusGeology (1-star), Outpost Engineering (3-star)No
LinConstellationVecteraDemolition (1-star), Outpost Management (2-star)No
Simeon BankowskiNAThe Viewport, New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri Star System)Sharpshooting (1-star), Sniper Certification (2-star), Marksmanship (1-star)No
Gideon AkherNAThe Viewport, New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri Star System)Ballistic Weapon Systems (2-star), Missile Weapon Systems (2-star)No
Moara OteroUC VanguardThe Broken Spear, Cedonia (Mars), Sol Star System.EM Weapon Systems (2-star), Marksmanship (2-star)No
Andromeda KeplerNAThe Broken Spear, Cedonia (Mars), Sol Star System.Outpost Engineering (2-star), Piloting (1-star), Aneutronic Fusion (1-star)No
Omari HassanFreetar CollectiveThe Hitching Post in Akila (Cheyenne System)Shield Systems (2-star), Starship Engineering (1-star)No
Rosie TannehillFreetar CollectiveThe Hitching Post in Akila (Cheyenne System)Medicine (1-star), Wellness (3-star)No
Mickey CavierNAThe Astral Lounge, Neon, Volii Alpha, (Volii Star System)Gastronomy (1-star), Wellness (2-star), Incapacitation (1-star)No
Jessamine GriffinThe Crimson FleetLast Nova, The Key, (Kryx Star System)Theft (1-star), Ballistics Weapon Systems (2-star), Concealment (1-star)No
Rafael AguerroNANishina Research Lab, Freya III, (Freya Star System)Outpost Engineering (1-star), Starship Engineering (2-star), Outpost Management (1-star)No
Sophia GraceThe DisciplesMadame Sauvage’s Place, Neon, Volii Alpha, (Volii Star System)Chemistry (1-star), Robotics (2-star), Energy Weapon Systems (1-star)No
Dani GarciaNAEuphorika, Neon, Volii Alpha, (Volii Star System)Chemistry (1-star), Robotics (2-star), Energy Weapon Systems (1-star)No
Amelia EarheartNACruciblePiloting (2-star), Rifle Certification (2-star)No

Hopefully, this list will help you to discover and find the best companion for your space adventure in Starfield!