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Starfield PC Mods that You Should Have Installed

Now that Starfield has been released for the PC, those crafty PC mod makers have been busy doing the things that we expected they’d do, making Starfield PC mods. Below are a few mods I’m using that either help enhance the playability, fix things that Bethesda should have, or even help me cheat, not that I’d cheat.

These are just a handful of available mods, but these are the ones I’ve been using so far. Maybe they’ll be as helpful to you as they are to me.

How to install these Starfield PC mods

Since there are two versions of Starfield for the PC out there, one for the Xbox/Windows Store and for Steam, there will be two different directories based on which version you have.

If you’re playing the game on Steam, you need to head over to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\starfield. Of course, if you have multiple drives or installed your Steamapp directory elsewhere, change this link to reflect that. For example, I have my games installed on E:/Steam/.

If you’re running Starfield on Xbox Games, you’re going to be able to find it in the following location:
C:\XboxGames\Starfield, or whichever directory you have your Xbox games installed on your PC. For example, just like my Steam games, I have my Xbox Games installed on E:/XboxGames.

Starfield Upscaler – Replacing FSR2 with DLSS or XESS

Of course, the first recommended Starfield mod is to swap out the default AMD FSR 2 upscaler with Nvidia’s DLSS or Intel’s XeSS. It makes a world of difference when it comes to the game’s performance, especially if you’re not using an AMD GPU.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.


Starfield Frame Generations Replacing FSR 2 with DLSS -G

This mod is not only free but also adds DLSS 3 and Frame Generation support for RTX 4000 series owners. This mod replaces AMD’s FSR 2 with Nvidia’s  DLSS 3, allowing Nvidia cards to experience higher frame rates. That said, it does produce some errors and has a few bugs that the developer, LukeFZ, has been working on. But ut’s better than Bethesda’s and AMD’s FSR 2 implementation, and did I mention that it’s free?

Download this mod at Nexusmods.


Starfield Optimizations

Is your CPU and GPU not doing so well when playing Starfield? Wishing that the game played better? Then you’ll want to check out this mod, as it introduces several optimizations that will boost your frame rate. Mind you, if you are playing on hardware that doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, this may not help you very much.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

Starfield FOV

For a game to be released in 2023 without a FOV slider is, well, it’s plain silly. And despite that, Starfield has no FOV slider, so we have to get crafty. This mod makes it easier for those to adjust the FOV if they don’t like messing with their game configuration file.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

Starfield -Strike a pose

Disable Controller Acceleration

This mod makes the game easier to play, as it disables the controller acceleration, which is quite a pain in Starfield. It’s as simple as that and makes a difference when I’m playing from a 3rd person perspective.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

Cleanfield –  A No-Intro Videos and Clean Menu Fix

I don’t know about you, but I want to play a game, I want to play the game, and I wouldn’t say I like sitting through logos and other stuff. If you’re like me, this mod is a godsend, as it skips the annoying logos, among other things, when starting Starfield.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

Achievement Enabler

I’m sure some of you have already thought about using the built-in cheats with console commands. The downside is that if you do so, that disables the achievements and flags you as a dirty cheater. Well, that’s where this mod comes in and stops that from even happening. Now, you can get all the gold and do whatever else you want if you install this mod.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

Smooth Ship Reticle

Sadly, the spaceship targeting is locked to 30 frames per second, making targeting somewhat choppy. This mod changes all that and unlocks the FPS, boosting it to 120fps and making targeting silky smooth.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

Starfield - Hyperspeed in Space

Move or Disable XP Bar

Pure and simple, the XP Bar is in the damned way, and this mod makes it possible to move it to a better location or disable it altogether. Why they put it where they did is beyond me.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

DualSense PS5 Icons

Sure, Starfield is an Xbox and PC affair, but PC gamers like PlayStation’s DualSense PS5 controller, including myself. As the name suggests, this mod swaps out the default (and only) Xbox button icons for the DualSense PS5 icons.

Download this mod at Nexusmods.

If I find any more helpful or bizarre Starfield PC mods, I’ll be sure to let you know. Or, if you find any, definitely let me know in the comments below or email us at