Oni Press Presents SOGGY LANDING

This fall, Oni Press is publishing SOGGY LANDING by the Brothers McGovern and Ian Densford, an epic fantasy story of a perma-stoned wizard bear’s quest to save their beloved magical island from evil robber baron cults.


“Soggy Landing isn’t for kids, it’s for cool kids and I hope tons of kids read this book and have to hide it from their stupid parents,” said co-author Alec McGovern. “We’re super stoked to work with Oni Press, a publisher with a spine. Soggy Landing is the tip of the iceberg. We’re excited to explore our wilder, raunchier and more violent fantasies next.”

“Soggy Landing is a silly book, and there should be more silly books. Without them, we’re doomed,” added co-author Andrew McGovern.

Not very long ago, Soggy Landing was an island paradise. Now, it’s a brutal settler city ruled by a group of wealthy, cultists called “The 13” who are immune to a leafy plague ransacking their community. As a battle between the haves and the have-nots comes to a head, a free-spirited wizard bear named Otso and her friend, Slipper, join The Broken Wheel in an uprising against colonial forces controlling the magical island they love. A hallucinatory journey to the center of the island leads them to a series of discoveries more jarring than the last in this magical fantasy adventure that explores a post-global war community pitted against thieving barons and diabolical cults.

“We wanted to create a story of resistance in a fantasy setting where we could lampoon these contemporary robber barons, stick a finger in the eye of the powerful and selfish, and try to kill them,” said artist Ian Densford.

“Soggy Landing is about a different, wacky world, sure—but it’s also about what’s happening now,” said editor Zack Soto. “This is a story of resistance, and finding camaraderie in increasingly inhospitable situations.”

SOGGY LANDING will be available in bookstores on August 1 and in comic shops on August 2, 2023.

Source: Press Release