Diablo 4 Remembering the Goose quest
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How To Finish Remembering the Goose Quest in Diablo IV

The Remembering the Goose side quest in Diablo IV can be tricky to finish as the missing sign from the inn is hard to find. Located northeast of the Under the Fat Goose Inn waypoint, here’s where to spot the sign. Hopefully, there’s a great reward for your trouble.

To accept the Finish Remembering The Goose quest, you’ll need to talk to the Innkeeper Torben. The Under the Fat Goose Inn is located northeast of Kyovashad and north of the Maddux Watch dungeon. Torben is upset that the sign for his inn has gone missing.

Once you take on this Diablo IV quest, open up the map, and you’ll find a blue oval slightly northeast of the Inn. Follow the pathway to the right of the stable. The Blood Clan roams around this area, so be aware of spears being thrown at your face. They should be fairly easy to handle, however.

Keep going down the main path (almost until the very edge of the blue oval on the mini-map), and on your character’s left, you’ll meet Nairne sitting next to the sign and a small wooden chest.

Diablo 4 Remembering the Goose sign location
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Nairne stole the sign to honor a lost friend Tavish as they had their last drink together at the Under the Fat Goose Inn. It sounds like they drank a lot before her friend died. She’ll ask you to place daggers all over the map. Get Tavish’s daggers from the box next to Nairne to begin this section of the mission.

Look on the map again, and you’ll see three different blue spots. Reach all three of them and place down the daggers at these sites. You’ll need to go to Maddux Watch, Old Heimberg, and a Highland bear den. There are enemies around them, but they’re absolute pipsqueaks when compared to your mighty power.

Once you’ve interacted with all three locations, return to Loch’s Bane Ridge, where Nairne was sitting before. Pick up the sign and then bring it back to Torben at the inn to finish the Remembering The Goose quest in Diablo IV

You’ll earn 11,611 XP, 1,560 Gold, and 50 Murmuring Obols by opening the Murmuring Cache given to your character. You can do so in the Equipment menu.

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