Diablo IV Vhenard boss fight
Image via Blizzard

Guide to Conquering Vhenard in Diablo IV

Vhenard is arguably one of the game’s most difficult Diablo IV bosses. You’ll be facing off against hordes of enemies while dealing with many projectiles. This fight is similar to a bullet hell encounter, as the boss doesn’t fight you on her own and install tosses her minions at you to attempt and take you down. But that’s ok; we’re here to show you how to beat Vhenard.

If you’re new to Diablo or struggling with Vhenard, I recommend lowering your world level. There’s no shame in reducing it to 1 or 2. This boss is extremely difficult, and even the most seasoned action RPG players, like me, will struggle. To do this, go to the character selection menu and look to the right side. Hover over “Change World Tier” and select your difficulty from there.

However, one thing to keep in mind with lowering your world tier is that you’ll get 20% less experience and 15% less gold from Veteran to Adventurer. You may also want to get some of your clan members to join you in this fight.

Now that you’ve selected a good difficulty begin the Vhenard boss battle alongside Neyrelle.

Diablo IV Vhenard boss fight
Image via Blizzard

Throughout the battle, Vhenard will release her devilish minions toward you, which will also ramp up in difficulty. Constantly move to stop them from cornering you, and if you’re a Druid, use protective wards like Earthen Bulwark (which absorbs damage for 3 seconds) and Blood Howl to bring back up to 26.8% of health. With the latter ability, you should also learn the modifier of kills reducing the cooldown of Blood Howl by one second each. Strike all of her foes, and she will instantly receive damage. Repeat this until Vhenard is defeated.

Another annoying factor of this battle is her spinning blasts of red smoke. Avoid them at all costs. If you are hit by them, you’ll receive more damage after becoming Vulnerable. This is even more evidence that you should keep moving from place to place during this battle. Use your best attacks to take out Vhenard’s minions, like the Druid’s Landslide ability, which can immobilize enemies for 3 seconds if it damages four enemies at once.

Most of the enemies you encounter during this fight deal massive melee damage, especially the Pit Lord at the end. Try to use as many ranged attacks as possible and keep your distance from your foes. Whenever an enemy gets close, use your best health-saving abilities, as stated before.

Survive until the end, and Vhenard is defeated. Neyrelle will be upset with you for killing her mother, but it had to be done. She was too far gone and was influenced by Lilith’s evil presence.

Good luck on the rest of your Diablo IV journey.