Diablo IV Clans
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Diablo IV Guide: How To Join Clans In Diablo IV

Clans in Diablo IV can be a huge positive for your journey into these hellish landscapes. You can easily get fellow clan members to join you. Additionally, there’s a unique tag placed on your name. Here’s how to join a clan in Diablo IV and how to create one.

To access the ability to join a clan, pause the game. If you have a DualSense controller, press the touchpad button. You should see the map on screen. Now, switch over to the Clan tab. You can either create a clan or join a clan.

Diablo IV Clan Details
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If you want to join a clan, you can search for it. Enter the clan name or a keyword closely associated with it. A list will then be summoned in front of you. You’ll see the Clan Leader, the clan’s tags, and a description. It will also show when it was created. Press the cross button (or A on Xbox) to send a request out to the clan’s admin. If they accept you, you’ll be a part of the clan’s ranks. Keep in mind that you can only send five join requests at a time.

However, you may not even need to search for the clan. If you press the right trigger button on your controller, it will show your “Invites & Requests.” If you’ve been invited to the clan, it will show up on this menu. Press the cross button (or A) to accept the invite. You’ll likely be welcomed with open arms.

Diablo IV Creating a clan
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If you’re unsuccessful with joining a clan, you can create your own. You can name it, give it a tag, and then provide a description of what the clan entails. There are also labels like “Hardcore” and “Casual” to help others determine if it’s the right clan for them. Something else to keep in mind is that Diablo IV is crossplay, so anyone, no matter their system, can join your clan.