J-Novel Club Recaps Their February Pulp Releases

J-Novel Club had a few releases during the month of February as well as some upcoming titles for March. Below are the titles that they highlighted:

Maddrax Vol. 5 (Digital)

J-Novel Club

While Xij ventures to the forbidden moon of Portal, parallel Rulfan learns of his other self, and Kormak leads the Reenschas in an attack. Matt and friends visit a parallel Paris ruled by Taratzes before returning to Rhaaka, city of the Dinoroids!

Available Now

Maddrax Vol. 6 (Pre-Pub)

As parallel world swaps continue, the Titanic arrives in a dark future. Ydiel reunites with Matt and Aruula. In a parallel world, they meet astronaut Perry Rhodan! Archivists keep popping up. Finally, old enemies escape custody!

Part 1 Available Now

Perry Rhodan: NEO Vol. 12

After surviving all manner of trials, Crest finally reaches the Planet of Eternal Life. But is all as it seems in this idyllic paradise? When Rhodan’s group also arrives, they find themselves mired in competing agendas…

Available March 17

John Sinclair: Demon Hunter Vol. 9

The stage is set, and the graves are dug! The Black Death has prepared his most elaborate scheme yet, paving the way to the all-deciding battle. As good and evil clash for the final time, will John Sinclair meet his end once and for all?

Available Now

Source: Email Correspondence