We’re Finally Getting Some Demon’s Souls Toys

While we’ve seen one after another when it comes to Dark Souls toys and statues, there hasn’t been any for Demon’s Souls. You know, the game that came before Dark Souls and one of my favorite games of all time. 

I’m not the only one who’s looked for Demon’s Souls toys. Don’t believe me? Just Google “Demon’s Souls toys” and you’ll see the countless amounts of people who have been asking and looking for them. Its’ been a long time coming.

Now, we’re finally getting to see some Demon’s Souls loving as Good Smile Company has revealed it is working on two Figmas from the game. Unpainted prototypes were revealed during the WonHobby 35 event that took place in Akihabara this weekend. WonHobby is similar to ToyFair held in New York but much bigger and with more cool stuff.

The first is based on the Fluted Armor from Demon’s Souls, while the second Fimga is based on the Maiden in Black. Both look amazingly detailed, but that shouldn’t be a surprise at all. Good Smile is a master of its craft when it comes to the Figmas they release.

Good Smiles Demon's Souls Fluted Armor Figma pending approval
Demon’s Souls Fluted Armor Figma
Good Smiles Demon's Souls Maiden in Black Figma pending approval
Demon’s Souls Maiden in Black Figma

While neither are final and are awaiting approval from Sony Interactive Entertainment, it’s nice to see that they exist. You best believe that once these are officially announced, I’ll be dropping down my cash to get them. No matter the price — said Optimus Prime before he died.

There’s currently no ETA on when either of these Figmas will be released. We’ll keep an eye on that and update this article when we find out.