Playstation 5 Reveal/Launch Titles Leaked

The PlayStation 5’s inevitable announcement seems to loom in the air like an unwanted invitation to a baby shower, culminating in the usual result of teases and leaks from both credible and non-credible sources.

The most recent of which comes in the form of Reddit post (that started as a 4chan post), that states that we’ll be seeing the newest console as soon as Feb 5th, later this year at a PlayStation Meeting. The leak itself would offer various other pieces of information such as backward compatibility, cheaper pricing and remote play.

With this in mind, it’s important to treat leaks with an amount of skepticism (especially ones that tend to give us everything we want).

The most interesting of the rumors come in the form of launch games for the console. Listing that MLB The Show 21, Demon Souls Remastered, Godfall (something we already know) and Legendz (a new game from Santa Monica Studios) would be among the starting roster of games to be released.

Godfall Picture

Most of these seem to lack that wow factor that came with Killzone Shadow Fall or inFAMOUS Second Son that headlined the PS4. Remasters and multiplayer games have been seemingly dominating the console market as of late so it’s reasonable to assume that these would headline the new console.

The more we hear the crisper the image of the console becomes (especially after the official PS5 logo reveal). However, the existence of the console itself seems very similar to the PS4, lacking in any real game-changers such as motion controls, VR, or whatever mess the DualShock touchpad was going to be before turning into a glorified Select button.

Perhaps this is a reflection of the growing “glass ceiling” of the technical potential that consoles can achieve, and maybe in some ways, the industry doesn’t even really need a PlayStation 5 as much as it does the promise of innovation alongside the ability to say “Next Gen” again.

Thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out the validity of these claims when February 5th approaches. Just make sure you act surprised when the parents ask you to hold it.

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