Godfall is the first game announced for PlayStation 5

As the first officially announced game for the PlayStation 5, Godfall is coming to Sony’s next-generation consoles holiday 2020.

Described as a “Looter-Slasher,” Godfall is an action-RPG all about coop, hack-and-slash combat with unique weapons and armor. The new IP from Gearbox and Counterplay Games, also coming to PC, promises to re-invent melee combat in a cooplyerative fantasy experience where up to three players can work together to fight an ominous hydra-like beast. With influence from games like Borderlands, Godfall is going to be a highly loot-driven experience, meaning plenty of grinding for better weapons and armor.

Godfall marks the first game officially announced as in-development for the PlayStation 5, a system which hasn’t even been officially revealed or named yet until The Game Awards. (Though to be fair, we already kind of assumed what the name would be) We’ve had teases of development kits here and there as well as some tech demoes, but other than that we’ve heard little to nothing about the PlayStation 5 and any games coming to the new console, so this is a pretty big first. Xbox is only a bit ahead of the curve compared to Sony with this year’s Game Awards, where they also announced their new series of consoles moments before, during the same show.

The Game Awards, along with the actual awards portion of the show, has always played host to world premieres for several new games in development. This year didn’t disappoint in that regard, even if it did run over time quite a bit, but Godfall and other games officially mark the journey towards the next game console generation.