Resident Evil Project Resistance

Resident Evil Resistance Beta Delayed On PC and PS4

Resident Evil Resistance seems to be following the route of other multiplayer horror games like "Dead By Daylight". Trying to introduce a singular powerful player against four weaker players. Sadly this mistake could cut out a large chunk of players that might have been interested.
Half Life Alyx review - don't shoot

Valve Believes Non-VR mod for Alyx to be “Inevitable”

As fans have been sitting on this game for so long, it's clear to see that some are still just as interested in the title without the VR gimmick attached. Though the mechanics of Half Life: Alyx do clearly demand it in some way.
Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Monster Hunter Worlds: Iceborne Breaks 5 Million Purchases

"Monster Hunter Worlds" would go on to sell 15 million copies and earn itself an expansion called "Monster Hunter Worlds: Iceborne".  Which takes players to Hoarfrost Reach, a frozen tundra full of new monsters for players to face as well as some long-awaited returns.

Geoff Keighley Drops E3 2020 Colosseum

Games Journalism veteran and creator of The Game Awards Geoff Keighley posted to social media that we will no longer be participating in the E3 Coliseum for 2020. Dealing another blow to the future of the event and contributing to its spiral out of public interest.This will mark Keighley's first time skipping E3 in 25 years