Funimation and Toei Animation announced that they are planning on a Dragon Ball Z Blu-ray set to commemorate the franchise’s 30th anniversary… but there is a catch. Funimation stated that they needed a minimum of 2,500 people to pre-order/reserve a copy of the set in order to properly measure interest and whether or not it is worth their time to create something like this. It will also help them determine what the minimum build order would be.

The announcement was made on Funimation’s Twitter in which you can see the original tweet below:


According to the tweet, you will receive some exclusive physical collectible items. They also stated that the Blu-ray will also come with brand-new bonus content but declined to state just what that bonus content is. 

To find out more information on the set or to read their FAQ about why they are doing a reservation campaign (as well as sign up to reserve a copy), Click Here

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