Persona 5 Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate

More Reports Say Persona 5 Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

At The Game Awards last December, Nintendo shocked the world hours before the release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate by revealing that Joker from Persona 5 was going to be the first DLC character of the Fighter Pass for the title. This was shocking as Persona (in regards to the franchise) has had only a very loose relationship with Nintendo systems, and the game Joker is from was a PS4 exclusive, making many wonder why he was coming into the game.

Not long after that announcement, rumors popped up all over saying that Persona 5 was indeed coming to Nintendo Switch, with an announcement to be made “soon”. But, said announcement was apparently for a Persona fighting game, and not a Switch port. Or at least, that’s what the tease implied, more is to be found out this month.

However, a consistent Persona news leaker named Mr. Ohya has gone Twitter to say that Persona 5 is indeed coming to Switch, here is what they said:

P5S is likely an enhanced edition of the game, possibly with new gameplay content and fixes from whent he game launched in 2017. This does seem more believable as they noted that it would come to PS4 as well, which was where the original game was released.

If this is true, many gamers would be thrilled as the title was not only a major hit, it helped bring Persona into a more mainstream light. But, until Atlus confirms this, it should be regarded only as rumor.