Today SNK released a new trailer showcasing the many in-game features and mechanics to be used in their upcoming party fighting game, SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy

SNK HEROINES characters

The game is confirmed so far to feature female only SNK characters including Athena, Mai, Kula, Yuri, Nakoruru, Leona, Shermie, Sylvie Paula Paula, Zarina, Love Heart, Mian, Luong, and Mui Mui. 


The game will be based around a 2v2 tag team system in the vein of games like Tatsunoko vs Capcom, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and the recently released Blazblue Crosstag Battle. It is also confirmed that there will be no command inputs such as your average fighter’s quarter circles and dp motions. This game instead is going for a much more basic style featuring specials done similarly to the Smash Bros series style of inputting a single direction and a corresponding button. 


Also shown in this trailer is the new mechanic being the Spirit Gauge. This bar decreases when you use specials and as it decreases your specials lose effectiveness. To let this bar refill you must utilize the tag mechanic and switch to your other character, giving your benched character a break and time to get more meter.


The game will also feature items that can be picked up and use similarly to assists in other tag fighting games.  

SNK HEROINES dream finish

A feature very exclusive to this fighting game is the way you finish off your opponent. When your enemy’s life turns red you have to use your super or Dream Finish to finish them off and take the match.

SNK HEROINES customization

Also included in this game will be 3 standard outfits and 4 different voice sets per character along with full character customization with tons of accessories. 


In standard fighting game fashion, there will also be online play with quick matches and 8 player lobbies.

SNK HEROINES photoshoot

Lastly, there will be a photoshoot mode where you can pose and snap some pics of all the characters featured in the game! SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy will release on September 7th this year for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Arcades.

Find out more about the game here at And for more SNK related news check out our article covering SNK’s 40th Anniversary Collection right here!

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