NIS America; SNK Team Up for SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy

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Announced during today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, SNK’s newest fighting game features SNK Heroines such as Athena Asamiya (Psycho Soldier), Kula Diamond (KOF 2000), Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury 2), Leona Heidern (KOF ’96) and Yuri Sakazaki (Art of Fighting) fighting against each other in what could be considered the most unique tag-team fighting game of its kind.

Specials are activated with a single button, and special items will change the way the battle turns. In addition, simply knocking out your opponent won’t be enough to win the fight, with the inclusion of Dream Finishes. These special moves can be accessed when your opponent is on the ropes, allowing for stylish finishes to matches.

You can also spectate matches online and bet on the winner using in-game points. You can use your winnings to buy voice clips and accessories in an all-new costume systyem, allowing you to customize your favorite heroine.

So far, there are only five characters announced for the title, in Athena Asamiya from Psycho Soldier, Leona Heidern from King of Fighters ’96, Kula Diamond from KoF 2000, Yuri Sakazaki from Art of Fighting and Mai Shiranui from Fatal Fury.

NIS America revealed the retail information in terms of both the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of the title:

The Nintendo Switch™ retail version will be available physically and digitally. The PS4 retail version can only be purchased as a limited edition on the official SNK Online Store powered by NISA (which is currently under development) and will also be available digitally.

In addition, NISA announced the ‘Diamond Dream Edition‘ which will contain the following:

  • SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy
  • Deluxe Hardcover Artbook
  •  2-Disc OST
  •  Lapel Pin Set
  •  Sleeveless shirt (Size L)
  •  Fatal Cutie Cap
  •  Workout Towel (12″ x 42″)
  •  Wrist Sweatband
  •  Deluxe Collector’s Box

The SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy ‘Diamond Dream Edition’ will have an MSRP US$119.99 via the NISA Store.

This isn’t the first time that SNK has done a female-only fighting game, as this is considered to be a spiritual successor to SNK Gals’ Fighters from 1999 on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. That game featured 1-v-1 fighting between SNK Heroines of that era, including Athena, Mai, Yuri and Leona, in a hosted Queen of Fighters tournament hosted by the mysterious Miss X (a poorly disgused Iori Yagami in drag.)

SNK HEROINES Tag Team Frenzy is slated for release on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 in the Summer of 2018

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