DC’s Titans set photos leak: Star responds to backlash.

DC’s Titans, the up and coming adaptation of the popular Teen Titans cartoon and comic book series has had a bunch of photos leak from the set while everything is still in production.

While this is not common in today’s age of cell phones having high definition cameras more powerful than those on set, what is weird about this is the reaction from everyone. From fans of the popular Cartoon version that ran on Cartoon Network for years to that Teen Titans GO crap, to obviously the comic book fans. The reason for the outrage can be seen below.

We do need to mention that these are set pictures; we are sure that there is going to be a lot of GFX work to be done to make these characters a lot more believable and closer to their animated and comic book counterparts.

Now it’s not up to us to judge things that are currently happening on set, but there seems to be a lot that just looks wrong from what we are seeing. Robin looks homeless and has no confidence, Raven looks more like that weird High School Goth wannabe, or a Raver girl at the nightclub in the early 2000s, Beast Boy looks ok for what is meant to be his more human look, and then we have Starfire… Oh good lord what did they do to Koriand’r?

As you might have guessed, the biggest outrage comes from the change to Starfire and how shes look just does not work with the actress or even the character at all… And no, it’s not because she is a West African actress. Judging from comments onTwitterr, it’s either a miscasting or a costuming issue that has people so riled up about Starfire in these leaked pictures.

To talk more about it’s the character or the design that is being corrupted here, I turn to posts like this one on Twitter that shows that darker skinned females can pull off a GREAT looking version of Starfire and have been doing so at conventions for years.

Now considering that Starfire is more Orange in skin complexion than more people realize, I’m sorry but the live action version done for the TV show looks more like a stereotyped New York Hooker than tough confident superhero.

As usual, in response, Anna Diop has jumped onto his instagram and left the following (paraphrased) message to her fans:

I do applaud Diop for turning a negative into a positive and not turning the whole situation into yet another “You’re only saying this because I’m black!” situation, but we can’t help but point out that girl… Your hair game is all fucked up!

DC’s Titans is currently in production with a release date sometime in 2018. We wish them all the best of luck after these leaks.