Ever since the Nintendo Switch came out, people have been praising it for various reasons. However, it’s very unlikely that when it was first announced that people would be praising it for its wealth of indie games. What’s more, it’s very unlikely that people would think that the Switch would be a place where indie games sell very well. But, in fact, that’s exactly the case.

In a little over a year, the Nintendo Switch has given birth to many stories about how the Switch version of indie games have outsold versions on other consoles or on Steam. But, it also makes you wonder, what’s the best-selling of the lot? Well, at GDC today, and after their Nindies Showcase had aired, Nintendo indeed revealed the ten best-selling indie games on the Switch. A note, this list consists of sales clear up until March 5th, two days after its one-year anniversary.

1. Steamworld Dig 2

2. Stardew Valley

3. Kamiko

4. Celeste

5. Fast RMX

6. Golf Story

7. Enter The Gungeon

8. Overcooked: Special Edition

9. NBA Playground

10. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

As you can see, that’s quite a diverse lineup. What’s more, certain games were there since the near beginning of the Switch’s life (like Fast RMX and Shovel Knight), while others are a bit more recent (Celeste.).

Still, this is very impressive, and it’s worth hoping that this year will be another big year for indie games on the Nintendo Switch.

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