Nintendo made a big splash with gamers last year after it launched the Nintendo Switch. The system became a haven for masterful 1st party games like Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and more. However, the system also became a showcase of the love of indie games. In fact, for whatever reason, the Switch became THE place to get indie games. Developers who put their indie titles on the system often found themselves getting more sales than other systems, including Steam. With that in mind, many eyes were on the Nindies Showcase that took place today.

Though short, the Nindies Showcase did feature 14 games being revealed to be coming to the Switch this year, and of course, you know that tons more are coming. It’s just that these ones deserved the spotlight more than others.

For example, hit indie games Lumines and Mark of the Ninja are getting remastered for the Switch. So if you haven’t played them before, you can play them now with enhanced graphics and features.


As for the newer titles, the Switch is going to be getting an exclusive from Adult Swim games when Pool Panic arrives. This one will take you to a world where pool balls are literally alive, yet the game remains somewhat the same. 

Other games are either going to be same-day releases (potentially) or Switch first releases, and just like any good indie game lineup, there’s a lot of variety. From epic ninja platformers like The Messenger, gory action titles like Garage, ironic titles like Bomb Chicken and West Of Loathing, musical titles like Just Shapes & Beats, beautiful platformer titles like Light Fall, unique fighting games like Fantasy Strike, strategy titles like Bad North, and cute titles like Pode, there’s a lot of big indie titles coming.

But, the biggest surprise came when Nintendo revealed that The Banner Saga 3 would be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer. What’s more, the game will be coming FIRST to the Switch. Now, if you haven’t play the first two, don’t worry, just like Bayonetta did, the first two games will be coming to the Switch as well. No dates associated with them just yet, but, they’re claiming to arrive “soon.”

What was your favorite part of the Nindies Showcase? Let us know in the comments below!


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