COSPLAY BY McCALL’S: Bouquet De Fleur

Bouquet De Fleur by J. Hart Designs is a nice addition to the COSPLAY BY McCALL’S lineup. Included are patterns for a corseted top, apron skirt, and panniers.

Here are the specs:

Skill level: Advanced

Sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

Pattern number: M2096

 This pattern, like many of the newer patterns comes in glossy paper envelope and lacks tips and tricks relevant to this cosplay.

I can see myself making the corseted top just for fun. The top is elegant and with some of the notions omitted(referencing the design on the envelop) I can see endless possibilities. This pattern will; however, require a big heart. It demands chiffon, taffeta, and many yards of trimmings.


To me, the most important garment in this pattern are the boned panniers. I can think of many occasions when I wanted something like this to help create a specific shape under my outer layers, but had to resort to sewing yards of mesh and tulle together to get the desired result. These boned panniers are a great alternative to the time and money you may spend constructing a petticoat. It may not have the ruffles and rustling fabric noise of a petticoat, but it will feel lighter and nicer in the summer if you cosplay at swampy conventions like Otakon.

The apron skirt, as far as I’m concerned, is an added bonus that I’d modify before wearing. I’m not a fan of the length of the apron section of the skirt, but that is personal preference. I’d be much happier if it were the same length as the rest of the skirt. Again, personal preference.

Looking at the directions, you’re reminded that this is indeed meant for someone comfortable with sewing. The instructions are 8 pages long. For some reason, my envelope came with doubles of pages 5/6 and 7/8.

Brace yourselves – this pattern contains 31 pieces. The bodice directions are pretty straight forward – especially if you’ve made bodices before. 40 steps later and you’ll have a complete garment. The apron skirt, if you go according to the plan, will be completed in 35 steps. Finally, the boned pannier will be finished in 17 steps – definitely less painful than the other two garments in this pattern.


Fans of Sakura Cardcaptor, Tsubasa, Black Butler, and other shows featuring massive skirts and ruffles will definitely want to consider adding this pattern to their cosplay toolbox.

*This item was provided for review.

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