Last year, Microsoft announced Sea of Thieves from Rare Studios. This year, Microsoft provided an update on the title. For the original announcement from E3 2016, check out our post here:

The game is set in a pirate world. The player joins a crew, (either via matchmaking or by inviting friends) and sets sail on a pirate ship to experience different kinds of adventures and activities together. Some key features and gameplay elements include:

  • Strong focus on cooperative gameplay mechanics.
  • Maneuver your ship around the sea by working together as a team (co-ordinate elements like sails, steering wheel, anchor etc.).
  • Treasure hunting for gold.
  • Collecting resources (wood etc.) to craft equipment.
  • Player-versus-player moments in a shared world-map.
  • Proximity voice chat with other players.
  • Dynamic day-and-night cycle.
  • Real-life simulated water rendering and physics.
  • Peg-Legs.
  • Scurvy.

For a chance to play in the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha, give feedback and help steer the course of Rare’s exhilarating shared world game, sign up for the Insider Programme now: Official gameplay walkthrough for Sea of Thieves. Coming early 2018. Sea of Thieves is a 4K UHD, HDR, Xbox One X Enhanced, Xbox Play Anywhere title.

Updated Trailer


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