Sea of Thieves Gameplay Detailed at E3

Gameplay footage from Rare’s Sea of Thieves was on display at Microsoft’s E3 press conference today. Though the gameplay was brief, players got a taste of  Sea of Thieves has to offer. The trailer gave off the impression of a nautical theme as it depicted a grand ocean-bound battle. The trailer also showed off that co-op will play a big part in the game as a short clip of in-game action showed players working together to take to the high seas, crew pirate ships, fire cannons, and presumably swab the poop deck. 

A degree of hierarchy seems to be built into the game, as different ships were shown having specific captains who will be given their own quarters. Crew members, meanwhile, must all do their part to keep the ship in shape. Sometimes this means manning different parts of the ship, but other times it will mean doing things like boarding up exposed areas that were damaged during battle.

The game looks to be more along the lines of a co-op pirate simulator, but the action seemed pretty entertaining, especially the ship combat where we could see cannonballs tearing holes through the opposing ship’s hull!

No release date has been set for Sea of Thieves just yet.  Sea of Thieves will be available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, much like all of Microsoft’s games going forward.

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Sea of Thieves Gameplay Trailer



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