Master Roshi’s Antics Cause Complaint Against Dragon Ball Super in Japan

It seems that Japan is starting to catch up to the West in it’s repression of sexual expression in male characters in TV shows. This common trait is more coming from the USA, Europe, Australia and other ultra leftist liberal minded countries but not in Japan where we once thought free expression reigned… But not anymore.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi, more known for puff puff than martial arts

A complaint submitted to the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) in Japan says that a “#Dragon Ball Super episode showed scenes of an older man touching young girls’ bodies as well as peeping at their underwear. All of these are said to be against the girls’ will”, the complaint said. It also added that while the show is fun to watch with kids during weekends, it is not appropriate for children to see this in an anime.

“In an animation program, there are scenes of an older man touching young girls’ bodies and peeping at their underwear against their will. These scenes are almost irrelevant to the story. I love watching this show with my child every weekend, but it’s also inappropriate for children to see this in an anime.” The complaint read.

Master Roshi

A screenshot of the episode in question

Usually with BPO complaints, the anime’s title is not mentioned, but this time the complaint states that it is Dragon Ball Super via the hashtag. The anime recently aired a filler episode which focuses on Master Roshi, and it sees the Turtle Hermit act inappropriately around a young girl named Yurin. The character is a martial artist studying under Tien at his dojo, and Roshi gets a few up-skirt peeks at the girl… Which anyone who has seen Dragon Ball or any of it’s sequels over the past couple of decades knows is almost normal for him.

It’s unsure at this time what will happen with our favorite old perverted martial arts master, but seeing this come out of Japan is something to be shocked about. Usually it’s the west, with it’s constant shutting down of sexual expression (unless it’s of a homosexual, “other” nature or done by females.) in media; yet to see it from the Japanese who are usually known to allow such things, it’s just weird.

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