Bookshelf Podcast Episode 18 – NYCC 2014 Wrap Up Grab Bag Special

Hello everyone and welcome back to another installment of BookShelf Podcast. In this episode we talk about how we survived Fan Boys, Fan Girls, Weeaboos, Nerds, The Unbathed, Dan’s Slott revelation on how he’ll kill Spiderverse, and incompetent goons. We also recommend some great series for you to read. So sit back and enjoy. Also seriously how does a brain swap make Spiderman Superior?

If some one can answer that would help Matthew out A LOT!


Topic Include:

  • New York Comic Con experiences and shout outs
  • Content on our Youtube page
  • Matthew and Gabriel’s Book Swag
  • Future articles/Updates from the BookShelf Podcast crew

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About The Author


Matthew "GetSelious" Paul "is an fighting game enthusiast and manga & comics aficionado. He enjoys a good read as long he can find one. He loves traveling to tournament venues and meeting and talking to new people. He is currently one of the Cohosts of the A-01 Podcasts and War Of Infinite Panels.